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Beyond Rewards.

PunchSimple is more than a customer loyalty solution. Market your loyalty rewards directly to your customer base using our email marketing tools and social media sharing, all for a flat monthly fee of $9.99. Enticing and engaging customers has never been easier.

An Interactive Marketplace.

PunchSimple's location-based marketplace makes it easy for your customers to find punchcards by category and location. Our goal is to provide your customers with the quickest method for your customers to interact with the rewards they want to.

Punchcards. Anywhere.

PunchSimple was designed to run on mobile, tablet, and desktop, so your customers can discover great punchcards no matter where they are. Using PunchSimple on the road is as easy as launching your phone's web browser.

How PunchSimple Works

PunchSimple is a virtual rewards service that makes it easy to reward customers and build loyalty. No longer will your customers have to pack their wallets full of paper punchcards to receive rewards. Simply find your customer in the system and apply a punch to their virtual punchcard. Your customers can find rewards by type, category, business, and location. When your customers find reward punchcards, they can add them to their profiles by by signing up for a PunchSimple account. Once inside their PunchSimple account, customers can find, track, and manage their rewards. Ready to get started? Learn More